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“Living in a way that reflects one's values is not just about what you do, it is also about how you do things.” ― Deborah Day

It's said that, "Life is what you make of it." well I'm learning that to be true.  On this journey through life, I've learned so many lessons and I'm sure there are many more to learn.  There've been several important lesson thus far however being a mother, daughter, sister and friend has topped the list. Along the way I've become a business women, a mentor, a student and a leader.  You may be thinking, " Wow she wears a lot of hats", but trust and believe me there are several more where those came from. Along the way I've found my purpose in life and I'm learning to embrace it.  God has created each of us for and with a specific purpose.  Our responsibility is to understand and live within that God given purpose.  Once we embrace this knowledge and begin living by it, we can than begin a meaningful and fulfilling life.  I hope to encourage you through inspiration and a positive lifestyle as we take this journey through life together.  Welcome to Created Purposefully!

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