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With Purpose and Thanksgiving

Happy New Year and I hope to find everyone in good spirits. It feels like such a release to be able to utter those three words. 2020 was a very trying year, to say the least. Even though it was filled with so much pain, suffering and uncertainty, one thing we can all say is, “We’ve made it”. Yes, we’re battered and bruised but by the grace of God, we’ve made it through. As I think back on all that has transpired, it’s truly a miracle we’re still standing. No matter how rough and unpredictable the last year has been, I’m still grateful for it all. I refuse to allow the madness of the past 12 months to keep me from walking in my purpose. I choose to live with intention and positivity. If anything, 2020 has shown me just how blessed and resilient I am. I choose to take every situation whether good or bad and use it as a lesson learned. I refuse to allow the past to hold me hostage but instead I choose to use it as a stepping stone along my journey. We can not allow ourselves to dwell on the past but we must look ahead to our future. We must take the pain and suffering we’ve endured and turn it into faith and thanksgiving. More than ever we must be hopeful and look for the good in all situations. We must begin to speak life and love into our lives as well as the lives of those around us. Let’s began this year by choosing to live and stop just merely existing. Let’s declare 2021 a year of Life, Love and Purpose!!!

~Created Purposefully 2021

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