Time’s Up!!!

As I sit here and rifle through all of my thoughts and feelings about everything happening in the world. I find myself on this emotional roller coaster twisting and turning through a dark tunnel not knowing what’s ahead. Feeling dizzy, disoriented and even ill at times; wondering when will this crazy ride stop! Let me off!!! Hearing the loud but inaudible screams of mothers and fathers who suffer in silence. The senseless deaths of our black men, woman and children on replay over and over again. I’ve had enough!!! Time standing still, like the hands of a broken clock. How much longer will I have to endure this? It’s time to stop and get off this ride. Time to gather myself, refocus and get to work. We can no longer sit back and allow these atrocities to continue. We all must step up and play our part in making and demanding change. I’m sure it’s not going to be an easy task but I’m certain we can get it done. One day, one step, one movement. Together we can make the difference. Let’s start by making our voices heard. We must get out and vote! Let them know Time’s UP!!!

2 thoughts on “Time’s Up!!!”

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