Spring has offically sprung

There is something so relaxing and inviting about a warm spring day.  As I sit on my porch with the warmth of the sun against my face it’s then I realize what a blessing it is to experience the changing of the seasons. Each day I’ve watch as the vibrant green leaves spring forth from the trees. I enjoy watching the beautiful colors of the flowers as they poke their heads from beneath the once cold, hard winter soil.  It’s amazing how alive and awake everything becomes this time of year.  Spring has a way of reminding each of us just how special we are.  Let’s make it a habit to get outside and enjoy the weather.  So instead of jumping into our vehicles and driving from place to place let’s make it a habit to take a short stroll and appreciate the beautiful sights and sounds of this time of year.  Again I come to you with a challenge to get out and enjoy the weather. Take a walk or maybe even plant a garden.  Whatever it is you chose to do have fun with it.

Until next time loves!!!


Photo by Yvonne Brown Flowers 31

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