The gift of time

As we rush around from one task to another glancing at our watches or the time on our cell phones; what are we truly missing out on? If your answer is “life” then I’d have to say you’re correct.  I’ve found myself constantly checking the time and even wishing time away.  Thinking I can’t wait …

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What a way to relax

There is nothing better than a relaxing day off.  If you’re like me, you look forward to those kind of days.  Unforturnately for most of us we aren’t afforded many of those kind of days, especially for parents relaxation days are a rarity.  There seems to be so many things to do with so little …

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Changing a negative into a positive

There comes a time in our lives when one chapter closes and another one begins.  As I reflect on all of the good and the bad experiences of my past it helps me to understand that the struggles and hardships I’ve encountered have all played a part in my growing and maturing.  I now realize without …

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