Island Vibes in the United States

With many places beginning to open back up, lots of people are thinking about traveling. Where to go? What to see? Do you visit another country or do you stay within our borders? Well, I hope this blog can be of help for those of you who may have these same questions. I created this blog for people who are looking for a more relaxing, slower paced island vacation without leaving the country. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, I know just the right place; Key West, Florida. Once known as the Conch Republic, this island is the southernmost point in Florida, situated approximately 90 miles north of Cuba and 159 miles south of Miami. It’s located between the Atlantic Ocean (South)and the Gulf of Mexico (West) making for a wonderful eco-system with more than 6000 species. Key West boosts of having the 3rd largest coral barrier reef in the world and the only one in the United States. The weather is gorgeous year round averaging about 75 degrees in the winter and 90 degrees in the summer. There is something for everyone there; whether on land or in the water, you won’t be disappointed. I suggest going online and checking out all of things there are to do. You will find year round festivals, island tours, lots of water activities and plenty of restaurants. While in the Conch republic, don’t forget to try the Conch (salads and fritters etc…) and of course the key lime pie! Hey, if you get a chance to visit, please update us with your experience and some photos! Bon voyage ? Until next time!!!