The gift of time

As we rush around from one task to another glancing at our watches or the time on our cell phones; what are we truly missing out on? If your answer is “life” then I’d have to say you’re correct.  I’ve found myself constantly checking the time and even wishing time away.  Thinking I can’t wait until this work day is over or this winter or maybe even until this year is over.  What are we gaining if we wish away our time? We’ve been given the special gift of both time and life why not enjoy them and be grateful for what we’ve been given?  Let’s learn to stop and enjoy the time we have with those we love.  A matter of fact lets start giving our time to others who are in need. We can start by giving a kind word or doing a kind gesture. What are we really giving up to speak kindness to a stranger? For those of us who may already do that why don’t we take it a step further and give a helping hand to the elderly etc… We talk about and criticize the negative things in this world but what is it that we can do ourselves on a daily basis to help make this world a better place? My suggestion is that each of us give a little of our time doing something that could mean the world to someone less fortunate or for someone we know and love.  I’m pretty sure I can find an elderly family member or neighbor that may need help around their house or in their yard.  Or maybe they just need a friendly face and someone to talk to for a few minutes.  Remember giving back doesn’t always mean giving monetary gifts, let’s choose to give a little of our time.  I challenge each of you to do something good for someone you know or maybe even volunteer at a shelter or a school this week and then tell us all about your experience. Let’s get out there and change this world one person at a time!!! I leave you all with a quote from Benjamin E. Mays.

“I have only just a minute. Only sixty seconds in it. Forced upon me, can’t refuse it.  Didn’t seek it, didn’t choose it.  But it’s up to me to use it.  I must suffer if I lose it.  Give account if I abuse it.  Just a tiny little minute but eternity is in it.”  Benjamin E. Mays

Until next time loves!!